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Persephonica Presents

Miss Me

Join Lily Allen and Miquita Oliver for their transatlantic catch-ups, discussing the highs and lows of their lives and the biggest cultural moments of the week.

Expect opinionated and sharp conversation from two women who are not just commentating on popular culture, but shaped it through the noughties, and retain as much relevance today with their scathingly funny and fiercely smart takes. After growing up together, they now find themselves in different places, both literally and metaphorically: Lily as a married mum of two, navigating life in New York and plotting a new path in acting and Miquita, as a single woman living in London with her career taking off again in new, unexpected ways.

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Miss Me? is real talk with real friends. Lily and Miquita will be discussing the big topics of the week and sharing their recommendations with a new community of listeners – what they’re watching, wearing, listening to and eating. They will also throw the show open to the audience and invite questions on themes from intimacy to interiors.

Every Monday, Lily and Miquita will throw the show open and invite questions on a theme; celebrity weddings, indie sleaze, orgasms, lies… Then on Thursdays, they’ll pick apart the world around them with unfiltered conversation on everything from intimacy to interiors, from exercise to elections.

'Miss Me?' is a Persephonica production for BBC Sounds.

A complete hoot!

"It’s all immensely cheering and laugh-out-loud funny, because both Allen and Oliver are both madly charming and genuine friends."