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Service95 & Persephonica Present

Dua Lipa: At your service

Thoughtful, critically acclaimed interviews from one of the world’s finest pop stars.

Candid, empathetic, constructive and inspirational - Dua’s first forays into creative formats beyond music have proved as popular and powerful as the music itself.

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Persephonica devised and introduced this tantalising new format in 2022 - launching the show in partnership with Global, Europe’s leading commercial media company.

Upon entering in the hugely crowded news category, The News Agents quickly became a nationwide go-to - setting the agenda for millions of listeners.

Crystal clear explanation, insightful analysis, rigorous scepticism and a rare ability to sometimes laugh at the absurdity of it all are signature pillars of a programme on its way to becoming an icon of the broadcast landscape.

The likeable Lipa proves a better-researched inquisitor than most celebs.

'Dua Lipa: At Your Service' features in The Sunday Times list of Best Music Podcasts.